Buying a 3D Glasses

i want to buy a pair of 3D glasses for stereotype Game Engine display

what site and product do you recommend ?

In that case, really, any 3D glasses will do for stereoscopic images. Just a word of advice; if the glasses say ‘3D Fireworks Glasses,’ then they aren’t any good for looking at stereoscopic images. In other words, you have to get the kind with one blue, and one red lens.

Still they wouldn’t be as good as the newer polorized lens glasses, I heard the old technology isn’t the best for clarity and is headache inducing for some people. (Just compare the clarity in movies using the old tech like SpyKids 3D vs. movies using the new tech. Bolt, Ice Age 3, G-Force, ect…)

I bought a few pairs of these Pro-X glasses for me and my family.

They are excellent at stereo separation and preservation of most of the colors of the video. I have tried several different pairs of anaglyph glasses and I would say these are the best. Most glasses either remove to much color and make the image appear to dark or they don’t remove enough from each eye independently and you end up with a huge amount of uncomfortable crosstalk between the eye’s fighting over which image is frontal. They will provide a much clearer and sharper image than most other glasses you can find. I would recommend cutting the overall color of your stereo content to 1/2 the original saturation and it will drastically reduce ghosting while these glasses will preserve enough color that the image to your eyes will appear very pleasant.

Are you looking for LCD shutter glasses? I’m not a nut for NVidia, because they’re almost as bad as m$ anymore, but look at this:’s_3d_goggle_gamble

Honestly, you’re never going to be happy witha pair of anaglygh glasses, one reason? They’re ALL different.

The color cells in your eyes play tricks on you using different glasses, I have 4 different types myself:
-One pair is pure red in one eye, pure green in the other, perfect for old black and white movies. Colors are non-existant
-Another pair is pure green in one eye, red and blue mixed in the other, kind of a reddish purple color, perfect for Coraline, the latest Tim Burton movie because blues are muted but reds, yellows and greens are vibrant. His style.
-Standard pair is bluish green in one eye, pure red in the other. This mutes yellow color in your vision.
-Another…which is the one that works with that picture in your link, is pure red in one eye and a cyan color in the other. No greens and no yellows at all in your images.

Fact is, the images have to be made for the glasses, like any artistic film or game, you choose the colors based on mood and lighting you want to portray. many glasses will work for multiple styles, but many times you’ll see shadows if the colors aren’t precisely matched and that gets really hard on your eyes after a bit.

Good luck!

Hey, it’s a couple of colored transparent pieces of plastic, why do you need our help?

neobloodline : can i ship them to [ middle east / jordan ] ?
SK : i have tried to make one and failed !! . , colored a plastic case with flowmaster .

These people make lots of different kinds of 3D glasses. I don’t know if they ship to Jordan, though, you’d have to ask them.

Well, it’s quite a simple product, regardless. Do you need a special supplier to fit your needs?