Buying a laptop for blender

Well i’m thinking of buying a laptop for blender and i’m thinking the Lenovo IdeaPad y510-p with these specs:

-4th Generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ (6 MB cache memory and 2.4 GHz speed)
-1 TB SATA hard drive
-1 Nvidia GeForce 755M graphics card (with 2 GB of dedicated memory)
-1920 x 1080 full HD screen

I’m buying it for about $1100 which is about as high as I can go (i’m still a beginner so i can’t go for more)

So if anyone owns it or have had any experience with it can you please give me feedback about it and it’s performance for blender modelling and rendering with cycles (a speed test maybe) and/or suggest any other laptops in the same price range and please don’t tell me that i should buy a desktop because i know that it 's better but i won’t be able to buy or build one for multiple reasons

Since i’m a beginner i don’t need a “super computer” of some sort or anything so a mild performance for all-round uses is ok because actually any laptop would be great in comparison with my old one (a 7 years old broken Dell with no GPU or whatsoever:()