buying a laptop for modeling, sculpting, using particle system, and animation

Hello everyone, I’m trying to buy a laptop for the thing I mentioned above. Can some tell me the best top brands for these kinda things and good specs for all the parts it should include in it for a minimum of 2 minutes of Realistic animation scene with particles system used and anything used that might need a mean machine to render. Thanks

You most likely want a desktop,
But if you have to go laptop (And character modeling is a coffee shop is not a bad way to pick up chicka’s) Ram is your friend. The more the better. If you can find something that has at least a quad core cpu you are good there. And nvidia mobile graphics might be something to look for as well.

Personally my idea of a mean machine is a dell poweredge r905 server with 128 gig of ram, a 500 gig sd drive dedicated to the page file and 6 gtx 760 vid cards. But thats just me. Some people claim to get far better results with a raspberry pi

Oh ok cool, thanks a lot.just curious, do you think going with a built and ready computer? Or built your own? Money and performance wise.or as long as the parts that you need are in the computer and find it with a reasonable price, I’m good to go? When answer those questions, one last question for you please. When it come to parts for computers, I’m not that knowledgeable, so it kinda makes it more harder to know what best for me or for my needs; and makes things more frustrating. I understood most of the parts you said above , but for some parts, have no idea what they are or what they do. It would mean a lot if you could explain them in Simple English in your own word so I have a better understanding and have a better decision.i mostly appreciated and be mostly helpful since you know your stuff and looks like you’re a pro in this area. Things like:

-the reason why “the more the better” about ram. (And explanation from Blender usage)
-why quad core cpu? And what does it do? And how is better; for a blender function wise?

–your definition of a mean machine parts:
-what the part do and how is it beneficial while using blender for the parts below:

-dell poweredge r905 server
-a 500 gig sd drive dedicated to the page file (what does this mean)
-6 gtx 760 vid cards.
-and what’s a raspberry pi?
thanks in advance

This ( Lenovo y410p ) is a reasonably priced laptop that features all recommended specs for running blender effectively. It is what I use, and I have not run into any problems with blender while using it.
(edit) one thing, though…at one point the monitor went blank and I had to send it back to the factory for repairs. I was not charged for the repairs, or postage, and they fixed the problem quickly, without any snags.
(edit) I have used it for modelling, dynatopo sculpting, smoke and fire sims, HD video editing, camera tracking, compositing, fluid sims, physics sims, particles, texture painting, and a bunch of other stuff with no problems. Also, it runs Skyrim on the highest graphics setting pretty smoothly.

Modron is right on. I have an ASUS with about the same specs for a laptop. I use a gaming laptop G75 for modeling (which I do poorly, animation and messing around). I have built a desktop PC for rendering with lots of power using a 4790K chip which you can tune to your liking with lots of ram. I normally render on a CPU because I always seem to run into strange happenings in animations on a GPU, however I’m looking at a 4GB graphics now which is in my budget. When rendering I set up my laptop with a 3630m chip and my desktop as a cheap render farm and it works ok. Just be sure you have lots of air flow on your laptop. I have two internal fans in mine and when rendering I set up some external ones to blow air over the internals (taking off the back) and it keeps it cool enough. Get at a minimum 12 GB on your laptop, but the more the better. Usually, and make sure you have a Nvidia 2GB or 4GB card you will find on the high end laptops for graphics and that will depend on what you are rendering out. The faster the chip, the faster the render, but don’t overlook your cores. More cores means more processing on your tiles. Intel chips use cores for dividing up work which Blender really likes (hence the quad cores usually have 8 processing cores). It makes the renders go faster. Building your PC is not that hard. You can go to newegg or partspickers and get a lot of help.