buying a laptop

hey guys/ girls

im buying a laptop to do my 3D modeling/ sculpting/ texturing on and i was wondering if its possible to get an application for windows that will allow me to control my PC via wireless or ethernet so i can see the desktop on my laptop, that way i can send files to my PC and let them render while working on my laptop, would be good over wireless to since i wouldnt need to be in the same room. also im getting rid of my display for the PC so it wont have a screen, thats why im wondering if its possible. could use my PC as a verse server maybe :slight_smile:

also the laptops have an ATI Xpress 1100, or the 1150, does any one know what these are like for performance…at the moment i have a Geforce 6800GS in my PC but its lame, it cant handle more than 200-450K polies before my system starts to become unstable, think thats related to my XP install though.

Depending on which version of Windows the PC is running, Remote Desktop may be an option (in XP pro, but not XP home).

Otherwise, you’ll want to look at one of the various versions of VNC (such as TightVNC, or UltraVNC).

If you’re not using the desktop for actual desktop applications, you may just want to install Linux on it. If you install Samba you can map network shares from your windows laptop, then kick off renderings by using the command line via SSH.

Don’t know about Windows, but when Leopard comes out you’ll be able to do this on a Mac!

You’ve been able to do it for ages through VNC as mentioned and remote desktop. The only trouble is that the GUIs tend to weigh down the VNC control so screen updates can be slow. Linux’s interface seems to be much better suited for remote desktop control.

I don’t think VNC is needed here though unless all the 3D stuff will be done on the machine or you’re using Blender to render. More advanced render engines come with network rendering options.

The 6800gs should be much better than what you are getting too but it depends on how your machine is built and as you said, your software setup. If it used to be fast then resinstall the software.

hey guys thanks for the advice, im currently setting up remote desktop on my machines, however the laptop i bought (what im typing on now) is a lot faster than my desktop, its got an intel core solo T1300 and 1GB of DDR2 (667Mhz i think) and its a hell of a lot faster at render than my desktop, im going to do some benchmarks later on. shame i have a sucky intel 945GM gpu, but it seems to run blender well and can easily cope with PS/ illustrator which is the main reason ive got it.

also got 150 pounds of the orignal price :slight_smile:

its also a 15.4 HD screen with HD audio, sound qaulity is awesome.