Buying a new Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics card, big dilemma :)

Hello, I am in great dilemma. I need to buy myself a new graphics card, and I don’t know which one should I choose between 2 of them.

I decided to go either with RTX 3090 Asus Rog Strix, or with RTX 3090 MSI Gaming X Trio.

Some personal opinions and experiences about those graphics cards would help me a lot.

I would go with Asus- I’ve had better experiences with Asus overall, especially with customer service. MSI does not have good customer service. The Asus GPU also has 1 more HDMI port. The Asus has better reviews overall on NewEgg, and it sounds like the MSI has some issues with fan speed:

Garbage-tier, awful overclocker. Power limits are set to 103% (385w), this is due to MSI’s choice of components on this card that are barebones at best. It has trash-tier, 14-phase VRMs that output up to 630A compared to the FE edition at 1120A and the Asus Strix at 1080A, both with 16-phase designs.
Zero RPM fan mode CANNOT be used with a custom 0% Afterburner fan curve. Read this carefully: you cannot have BOTH zero-rpm fan mode AND a custom fan curve that starts at 0% rpm. Afterburner will default to the standard 30% minimum rpm, which renders the zero mode pointless.

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Okay, thank you for your opinion. Yes I was thinking on buying Asus Rog Strix too but I heard from my local retailer that he checked some things from his personal experience and noticed how Asus Rog Strix is prone to overheat (VRAM is very hot, despite a beefy cooler).

Plus RTX 3090 MSI Gaming X Trio is immediately deliverable to me.

About issues, Asus and MSI both have some bad rumors going around.
Also reviews on NewEgg are from unprofessional people, so I ignore the NewEgg reviews. I literally read some review where the customer mention that the Power supply is bad because the lights in his house flickers when he turns on the PC (that’s due to him having 120 Volt outlet and not 220 Volts.) There is plenty of ignorance going around on that NewEgg.

It’s true that individual reviews are suspect. In this case, the RTX 3090 Asus Rog Strix has a score of 4.4 on Google Reviews with 179 reviews, and a score of 4.9 on NewEgg with 39 reviews. The RTX 3090 MSI Gaming X Trio has a score of 4.7 on Google Reviews, with 216 reviews, and a 4.7 on NewEgg with 86 reviews. If anything, this really just tells me more people have bought the MSI GPU comparatively.

I tend to skip the rumours and go straight to sites like:

Which are professional reviews.
The ASUS counter-parts:

Personally, I would go with the Asus because I don’t trust MSI as a company and haven’t had good experiences with their customer service. The only MOBO failure I’ve ever had was from MSI, and their customer service refused to honor the warranty. I have been able to get refunds on Asus parts, so I go with Asus in case something breaks. That’s just my experience though :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for doing the link search. Yes my retailer told me that people also reach out to MSI more than the Asus, mainly because it’s cheaper. But I will have to go with MSI on this one, I need the graphics card now and my retailer doesn’t have the Asus in immediate disposal.

Asus gives a slightly better performance for more electricity consumption and is slightly cooler (by around 3° celsius, and is a lot more louder.)

While MSI is cheaper, consumes less electricity, is a little bit hotter but is also a lot quieter.

Anyways thank your for your help.

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Hey, I’ve got the MSI gaming X trio 3090. Runs great and super quiet. I haven’t overclocked it at all so no input there, but over all a great looking and performing card. The only thing that’s not my favourite is the MSI software. Just a bit clunky.


Yea I just got MSI at home, I put it in my PC and I gotta say it’s quiet and super fast. Be it in gaming or work.