Buying an HD screen

would games be clearer on HD screens

would the display be clear like the computer screen , when i tried a normal TV , the text was not clear …

thanks .

not necessary, I have a 32" 720 p HD LCD and hooked up my laptop and use the natvie resolution for that tv, 1366x768 (?) The text still has rainbow effect, not crisp, I was using vga port of my tv. That is just my experince. I have since bought a 23.5 inch HP and I am really happy with it, it’s native resolution is 1920*1080, which is 1080p . And I can use my hdmi from tv, ps3 and xbox to this monitor and it is amazing.

Having a HD-tv is really no good without a HD input source (or unless you need a TV and want to buy something which will be capable for later on).

HD Input sources: (other than actual HD tv channels)

  • ps3, xbox360. I’m pretty sure the wii doesn’t have HD.
  • blu-ray dvd player
  • computer (depending on what resolution you set it to).