Buying good tutorial for on line

I know of WSAG tutorial… And I will use it if no-one has another one… But I prever something else cause that one is 107 pages long. xD

I also Pay for editing my own game. ^^

Hey all,

I really MUST have an on line tutorial for my morpg game. I really hope one of you can make it. I’m willing to pay the following: (Not much but it’s all I can spare on line) xD

  1. A way to make people move in my game. The server is running on my computer. 1 Dollar

  2. The possibility for everyone to make an account and save it on my computer. (Of course after that log in again) 2 Dollar

  3. A good chatbox. (I have one but It’s pretty bugged so yea…) 1 Dollar

  4. Some quic commands I can do easely in game: 1Dollar

  • Make someone admin
  • Kick someone
  • Ban someone
  • Mute someone

That makes a total of 5 dollar. :wink: It’s all I’ve got on the internet. I can only pay by paypal.

The money goes to the best or only bidder. I can also consider paying someone for only 1 of the things…
I don’t buy any sell rights or whatevr to this tutorial, I just want it to make my own game. xD

The last thing I’ve gotta say it that I don’t fully guarantee your payment because I could be sewed if something goes wrong lol. :wink: But I will really pay you. ^^

Hope I get any responce. Thanks. :slight_smile:

No replys… Trying again. :wink: