Buzz Lightyear (Cycles)

Decided to re-model my Buzz Lightyear model from a few weeks ago. I appended the objects into cycles and gave them new materials as well as adding a backdrop based on Andy’s room.

This is around 350 samples with some post-pro to remove noise.

The helmet is sticking too far out…other than that, it’s a good start.

a head would be nice :stuck_out_tongue: owldude is right. that helmet is quite big(and add a hinge it should be able to open and close)

The real problem is the glass dome. I believe you used either a full transparent sphere with the lower half hidden in the body, or you didn’t cut the sphere exactly in half. If you look carefully you’ll see the helmet curves down past the exact center of the helmet. Buzz’s helmet stops halfway when it hits the body. I know it’s picky, but it really matters if you are looking to make it realistic to the movie, that is the way to go!