Buzz Lightyear

Here is what I’ve done so far of my Buzz Lightyear. Not the best but unlike Pixar, I don’t have more than 20 people working for me. :wink: If anyone wants to use or improve this, just PM me.


Here is the now almost complete Buzz. He has bones, a communicator, Pixar-looking eyes, and soon to have a made in Taiwan logo in his arm. He also needs shape keys for his mouth. Who knows, maybe one day Toy Story 4 will be avalible for download. :wink:

To infinity and beyond!


The buttons are small,the wing is too long,and the green frontal shield is too short

In your early models the dome was more spherical. In the later models it looks like you made it taller to fit his head in. I think if you look at lots of images of Buzz you’ll find the dome really is hemi-spherical and his head actually sits down a little inside the neck-piece of the suit.

No ones perfect. Most of the later parts were modeled after from some of the 144 Toy Story pictures I have.

I think his chest is too big in this one.

Don’t you have anything good to say? Or is this going to turn into a conspiracy? :eek:

Isn’t the whole point of posting here to get constructive crits?

But all the complaints people have being making would require changing most of the things. It would take for ever. This is beginning to remind me of where anything you do is wrong.

People posting constructive critisism are trying to help you. You can react negatively, and
complaint about that no one seems to respect your work (which is exactly what they do,
when they take the time to give you crits - in our business at least, it’s seen as a help to
give that). Or, you can positively to crits, try to really work hard to make everything you do
better, always raise the bar, and appreciate the crits you get (a set of fresh eyes on your
work is invaluable, trust me).

Quite simple. If you react negatively, you won’t get very far. If you act positively, future is
really bright. Good luck! Get your hands dirty! Work 'till you pass out! :slight_smile:

Does “Work 'till you have eye strain” count? I spend about seven or eight hours on this and all I get is complaints. It doesn’t have to be perfect or you will end up like member, Shadow The Rebel. He never does anything like CGI or special effects because he can never get it to look perfect.

If your intention is to not do perfect work, why put it up for criticism, and then get mad when it’s all negative? Either strive for excellence, as any artist should, or don’t get angry.

It hurts to get ‘negative’ feedback, I know from experience, but you seem to be bent on taking it personally. Nobody hates you, nobody’s doing it out of spite, so you should probably try to think a little more objectively about what they’re saying instead of throwing a fit.

Learn to take constructive critisism- we’re just trying to help you improve your model. It wouldn’t take you forever to make those changes, either. They can be done with the basic tools (rotate, translate, scale). If you aren’t ready to receive crits, then you should refrain from posting.

One thing I can add from experience: in order to avoid the restarts and mid-course corrections, it is a good idea to spend a good amount of time in your preparation and research before you start working on the model/animation in Blender.

I always make a few sketches on paper of what I want to do and after I am happy, I draw a front and side view of my model (if it’s human-like) on graph/line paper, scan it in (or take a digital photograph) and use it as a background in Blender - from which I start modeling. That way, you avoid problems like changing the roundness of the dome or the height of the head mid-stream, because you would have encountered them during the drawing/planning phase.

The guys are trying to help, so you should decide whether you want a Buzz Lightyear, or a Friend-of-Buzz-Lightyear-Look-Alike, whom we cannot comment too much upon… but then you won’t learn either.

Well said AnyMation, and every one else. I get “negative” feedback all the time. Everybody does(everybody that’s human at least). A good artist will take those negatives and make them positives(by fixing it). If a comment offends you, prove them wrong by making it even better.

Your model really isn’t bad. The wings and the legs actually look pretty good. One thing I noticed, something that really isn’t that noticeable, is that the mouth is a little square, and If you really want to make him look good, work on smoothing out the chest plate. Depending on how you modeled it, it could be easy or hard. It’s no biggie though.

So all-in-all, good job. Keep up the good work.

EDIT: Oh, and the eyes would look much better if you put a black plane behind the irises so it looks like he has pupils.

it looks great! :stuck_out_tongue:

took a glance at a reference pic and a few things i noticed:
*the torso is too round, it should be more of a deformed cube shape
*the black area around the abs should be thinner and longer
*the covering around his groin area should be noticeably smaller than his chest area. his torso should have a pointy shape.
*the green plating should cover a larger portion of his chest as well as having some white still visible at the top
*his head should be in a lower position with the chest area of the suit at its highest being almost level with his chin.

at first glance the model looks alright, but it does need quite a few changes if its going to look like a character which everyone already knows.

About the model, I like the colors you have chosen. I do see a resemblence in the face to the Disney Character.

A word of advice:
A little forum etiquette:
I know that getting all crits and zero “positive” feedback can be disheartening. However, instead of whining about it (for that is how it sounds) try acknowledging the crits that have been given and then asking what people think is right about the model.
You may get to the point where you decide that you are going for somelike “kind of like” Buzz, not Buzz himself, that’s OK. I think we all know that what you currently have does not look like Buzz, if you put a reference side-by-side with it. Again, that is OK.

You should define in your first post what your objective is in posting this WIP. What are you trying to acclomplish?
This will help us know better how we can comment on your work.

Don’t be pushed away by all the replies to your comments. The majority of us on this forum are in the same boat as you: learning to use Blender and become a 3d artist. I think you’ve made very good progress, for having worked on this model for only about 8 hours.
If you look at my Paladin WIP, you’ll see that I have some decent models made there. I received compliments, but also crits. I probably spent at least 20 hours on the hand alone. The comments made helped me make it better.
Ultimately, figure out what you are going for, and go for it. Take what ideas help you get to that goal and leave the rest.
Above all, have fun and keep on blending! :smiley:

Wow, 7 or 8 hours only huh?

When I made my first human character following the Joan of Arc tutorial, I spend from morning around 11 AM till next day 2 AM for 1 week, having regular breaks for dinner, and stuff (toilet, drink).

I’m not saying it’s good to be killing your eyes by staring at the screen for x-number of hours, but rather, I’m trying to say don’t be expecting handsome comments for working on something for a long time.

A piece of artwork isn’t judged by the time spent, at least it shouldn’t be. It should be judged on the quality of the work made.

If your negative reaction is feasible, then are you suggesting that I can take 1 year to make a silly little cube like the default Blender start up scene and expect to get “oh wow, your work is top notch” or “absolutely magnificent” ?

  • Of course not!

Sometimes these things happen, you worked hard on something but you don’t get a lot of pleasant comments, at least not the ones you would’ve like to hear. This includes me.

So keep on Blendering.

Okay, word of advise if your eyes hurt, stop. Because if you go bind then you can’t blender anymore. I love how blender became a verb. The crits Are well deserved. Your new to blender, so expect your work to not be perfect.