Buzz Machines audio tracker/synth/sampler/effects etc.

It’s the wave of the future. A platform where you can configure massive arrays of free synths, effects etc., sequence them, make sound fonts, and lots of cool stuff. I just downloaded it a few hours ago, and it’s a blast.

Last time I tried it, it crashed a whole lot on my PC. I think I’ll wait for Buzzmachines 2.0 (dammit, the author lost the source and he is writing everything from scratch into a new app called BUZZle , so it will take a while until I try using that again)

Oh, and by the way, Modron, I’m still practicing music tracking. I’ve gotten much better (I do things faster, make the music better sounding, etc) but still far from where I want to go.

Also, you should post this in the Music Directing thread, since it has more links to music apps.

as far as software like this goes. it can put a massive strain on your system if you are not careful. I was using Buzz first … but changed over to Psycle only because of the massive amount of free VST plugins that are available on the web. I also like running my guitar through some of the effects. also has a nice tracker for those interested in multitrack freeware.

yeah i have been very careful not to do stuff like linking too many samplers through a single reverb, and stuff like that, and as soon as it starts hicupping i give it a rest, but i have to say, that though it is a bit on the buggy side, the synths and effects that came with it were more than enough to create a very wide range of sounds. so i figure i will play with it for awhile and see how it goes. i also like my other free tracker which recently disappeared off the web called ‘aodix’.

Ok. I used to be a hardcore buzzer. Before blender I’d been using buzz for about 3 years.

First of all. It IS NOT called buzzmachines. That is the community website created by mva. It is called Jeskola Buzz (Jeskola being the alias of Oskari Temmelin, who created buzz (not sure about the spelling of the last name)).

Second of all: Oskari is NOT working on buzzle. This is an independent project by someone else who raised $1000 dollars through donations in order to get the license from Oskari to use the machines.h file (which you need to run buzz machines) from Buzz in his program.

Buzz is AMAZING!

Modron: You’re totally backwards in not trying to hook up too many trackers to one reverb. On the contrary, that is what you WANT to do. If you can put as many machines on one reverb as possible you only have the cpu usage of that one reverb, as opposed to having a seperate cpu hogging reverb on every generator.

Buzz is buggy. Learn to save, save often, and save incrementally.

Use the BG dynamics plugins. They are basically the best. Joachim’s Jupiter 2 is good for mastering.

If anyone here was part of the buzz scene, I was stablepatient before I quit the scene.



Also: Okari’s XS-1 sampler is very good. It’s about 70 bucks if I remember correctly. Correctly plays soundfonts and everything else.

Also: Try the FSM Infector, ld Jacinth, and HalDreamer’s (HD’s) machines. The matilde tracker, though old, is still very good.

Hm… /me starts looking at buzz again ;).



Did Buzz ever get any other way to program music than the mod tracker type interface? I never understood mod trackers…


instant crash on my machine… any hints? oh wait, maybe it’s my soundcard? (good old ISA piece o’ hardware…)

TorQ: Nope. Still the tracker interface :D. Though it looks like buzzle might have more input options. Also check out Aero studio. Last I looked it was still in alpha stage, but it has piano roll and everything.