BUZZ OFF (Short Film) 🦟

Vimeo Link:

Greetings fellow artists!
Here is a link to a recently completed short film I had the opportunity to write direct and compose VFX for. I’ve been using blender for about 10 years now and am still learning new ways to tell stories with this fantastic program every day.

I’ve been a fan of this community for a while, as a long time lurker, and now can proudly call myself a contributing member!

Any and all feedback is helpfull. There’s a little bit of everything in this live action short.
I’m looking forward to hearing what you think.

Best! :mosquito:



???:roll_eyes: Sorry, we couldn’t find that page

Link should work now!

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Woah that was brilliant and I LOLed - good job :slight_smile: Could you please submit this to BlenderNation?

PS: I edited the post to embed the video (just put the link on its own line).


And the Oscar goes to…

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Thanks watching!
My post on BlenderNation was just made public today.
Loving the positive response! :sunglasses:


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