Bvh and the ludwig rig.

Howdy all,
Trying to avoid getting into python and scripting as I gotta get some work done sometimes. I was wondering would it be too difficult to write a script that converts the bone names of bvh import to the ludwig rig. … scales to some extent and allows some tweaking … Or would I be better off renaming the bones on the ludwig rig to match the imported bhv armature.
Got my character sorta moving ok with some bvh’s but I have really stuffed up the rig in spots. Also there is that anchored to the ground type thingy with ludwig rig… I am only a noob and my character is a hodgepodge of makehuman, ludwig and some pretty bad sculpting. Wish I’d never used that tool!

Also are there any good examples/blend files/tutorials on lipsync esp blend file. Would love to get that going