BVH building question (theoretical concept solution)

Hi, community!

How can I optimize animation rendering? My scene is pretty simple – without complex shaders, lighting, shadows etc… But I have a lot of objects in scene – simple 1 face planes and complex camera moving. It renders pretty fast but I waste too many seconds per frame for “Synchronizing Objects”, “Updating Objects, lights, mesh, shaders, etc…” and “BUILDING BVH”.

I wonder if I can do this process like: Hit “Render Animation” --> “Synchronizing Objects, Lights, mesh… for ALL frames” -->“Prebuilding BVH for ALL frames” --> “Saving Result to temp file” --> than just rendering frame by frame with GPU without building all that stuff every time.

Maybe solution already exist by addon or script? Or it is impossible?

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Id be eager to know too. the hole building BHV (and also opencl kernel compile) is an unwelcomed hiccup these days.

It depends, if I understand all that BHV building thing correctly , if you’re animating objects in the scene you’ll need to rebuild it every frame.
If it’s only the camera that is moving then the bvh can stay the same.

There is a custom build that allow you to do that :

Look at the third video in the first post, persistent data, that’s it !

You may need to compile blender to use that patch, or use an older custom build (2.77 /2.78) that you may find in that thread…

Thanks. It looks like that what I need.
I checked those links, but they are dead…
I can’t build it by myself, I don’t have enough knowledge.