BVH Export Script

I remember a time when Blender had a BVH exporter. I would like to use a BVH exporter but cannot get a decent one, The BVH Importer is excellent an imports BVH information perfectly. I would like to create reference characters from Blender by exporting the initial armature as a BVH and using this reference to create/transfer motion to my model from any mocap/mogen software using the current EXCELLENT BVH IMPORTER.

In short:
Blender to BVH
BVH to my motion generator (Natural motion Endorphin)
NEW generated BVH information back to my model in blender.

Can anyone help??? Am such a Duffuss when it comes to scripting. Would really appreciate it. Thanks and Keep Blending!!!

I had a realy good try and got it mostly working but not in all cases so I gave up :confused:

What other mocap formats are supported?

Thanks for trying tho… Endorphin supports carious formats but the best and easiest to use are bvh or fbx… Is it possible then to have a blender armature to fbx exporter…

This would be a great help. I am trying to do a solo movie and want to use Endorphin as my main human motion data generator…

I will post the current blender bvh inporter, that ALWAYS imports motion generated from Endoprhin perfectly… In order to create motion in endorphin that will work perfectly with your blender model it is necessary to export the blender armature to endorphin to facillitate the creation of an accurate reference character in endorphin for your blender character.

I have tried exporting the blender model as a wavefront obj and creating the character directly in endorphin but the results are not reliable.

Can we get a hold of a Blender2fbx exporter???

I plan on adding FBX animation support to blenders FBX export however this has taken a back seat - if somebody wanted to do an animation only FBX exporter its not THAT hard.
Just get the FBX Converter and convert existing animations into ASCII so you can work out the format.

Surprising obj wasnt reliable? - can debug this if your interested. just need to let me know the details of what went wrong.