BVH Exporter not working in Blender.242a

Today I downloaded Blender242a and installed.
I created a 4 Bone structure and a 21 Frame Animation.
I wanted this to be exported in BVH format.
I could not. Blend file is here

When I exported, it gave the result as below:-
It has mentioned that there are 21 frames, but the other detials not given. I dont know am I lacking something or … Please help

ROOT Armature
OFFSET 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Frames: 21
Frame Time: 0.040000

the script your using is to export a parent child animation

I want all 4 bones ( As it should be ) on each frame. Normally in any BVH File you see Bone Names and their
Locx,locy,locz and rotz,roty and rotx ( 6 Channels )

I plan to support armature export by 2.43

Can you please tell me an approximate welcome date for 2.43

if you want, I think theres oinly 1 matrix multiplication messed up in by bvh exporter at the moment, you could probably get it working if you really wanted.
ummmm… I have no hosting atm so if you want illpost

I got lot of space on my server. You can give anythin you want to be hosted on my server. I will create one directory for you about 100 mb free of charge upto May-07. After that If I renew.

By the way Just now I dont need export script because I have changed my mind. I will work in Blender.
i will use DAZ Models, Yesterday night I could import one daz model ( which i baught ) in Blender alongwith its morphs as shape keys. I got some way out for lipsync also. In a few days I may show some magic.