bvh import: max file size?


I am working on an academic project - we have been recording long mocap sequences using the Animazoo IGS-190 rig. Some of our file are around 20MB. When I try to import into Blender (now using 2.58, but had same problem with 2.4x etc) Blender stops responding - i can wait over 40mins with no apparent progress. Anyone else come across this? Am I doing something wrong?


Finding that Blender CAN import long bvh sequences - but it takes around 4 hours to import 20MB - all this time blender “not responding” - clearly unworkable.

Also - once these long sequences have been imported, and running the sequences, playback drops to around 1 fps, and blender’s overall performance becomes very sluggish i.e.- also clearly unworkable.

So has anyone comes up against this? - importing long mocap sequences into blender?

btw - we are also using maya, motionbuilder, 3ds max and unity - all of which cope with these sequences unproblematically.

am i missing something here within blender?

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I have not imported sequences that big. But what I usually do is go into bvhacker and cut the frame rate down to about 30fps. Blender might not be optimized well enough to deal with BVH in large batches of data. It works for me fine. But the longer sequences and higher frame rates do start to slow Blender down. So for Blender I’d recommend cutting up the sequences in bvhacker into smaller chunks first and lower the frame rate.

hi richard,
thanks for the tip