BVH import to rigify (no mocap tools) just copy tools of Blender

There are certain frames that the hands are not touching the floor. Never the less, it’s a good clip.

Could you expand a bit on what you are doing?

On the rigify, “left foot IK” has “copy loc” and “copy rot” to bvh “left foot”, same as “right foot IK” and “left hand IK” and “right hand IK” and torso to bvh “hip”. Mocap tools mainly requires simple rig. But i use rigify (which has IK and FK’s) and therefore best way to import bvh armature to blender i find more conveinent using just “copy loc” and “copy rot” constraints.It took me hours to edit this particular animation bvh file. But a simple walking would be much more easier.

Working with the details would be infinite when someone trying to finish an animation. But as you said certain things (like the hands are not touching the floor) must be corrected. I just wanted to know how much time do i have to spend with a ~60sec bvh animation. And it took several hours and gave me a headeche. I do not recommend. It’s more easy and interesting to work with control bones rather than importing a bvh file.

Brilliant! Thank you! :smiley: