Bvh import with z up

I’m trying to import mocap files in bvh format into Blender 2.5, but the character comes in lying on his back. Not unexpected given different coordinate conventions, but very inconvenient, especially since I intended to use the animation within the game engine.

Is there some way to rotate him to make the head point up?

The only import options have to do with angle conventions (quaternions are generally better than native euler), and rotating the rig in either object or edit mode messes up the animation.

I have the same problem. Makes it hard to align to the imported obj file too, and any vert to bone grouping goes awry. Any experts care to share their knowledge please?


every bvh i import into Blender is lying on its back.
every bvh I export is screwy in the target app, whatever it is.
Any solutions??

Still wondering if Blender can import bvh properly, not lying on its back…
Any suggestions, anyone?

Tutorial here that may be useful

thanks for the tip. :slight_smile: