bvh in 2.36 or 2.4

do any bvh scripts wotk in 2.37 or 2.4 if so where are thry

it appears that there isn’t a much more recent script than updates of the one for blender 2.20:

Use the one in the Import menu (Motion Capture {BVH}), that brings in an armature with IPO’d empties that drag the bones around which in turn drag the mesh around.

If you want to dump the empties and convert their IPO data to bone Actions then run this script:


In blender itself, use the Scripts help browser in the help menu .
Go to Animation, BVH Empties to Armature, link3,
you will find, on :

Thank you jms! I spent a long time searching yesterday but could only find v20


The BVH2ARM script has recently evolved for 2.40 release

the BVH2ARM for 2.37 is now available here

and a BVH2ARM for 2.40 is released here before inclusion in official release

here’s a exemple :

in this tutorial … you’re explained how to use BVH files in Blender 2.40.

I take advantge of this post to announce the recent release of a C3D importer

here’s an exemple of what’s obtained: