bvh in blender 2.4

I am trying to import BVH files I found on ( I guess the name is that ) but while they work on blender version 2.37 they don’t ( all empties are misplaced ) on 2.4 .
Plus I had some problems creating an armature and parenting it to the EMPTIES from the bvh file ( it seems like I can’t connect the 'vertebral spine ’ of the character to Hips which is the base point of the bvh structure , becasue when I do so the spine stick on place while the rest of the armature , legs, move with the empties).
The BVH2ARM python scripts partially worked on blender 2.37 but I can’tt use it on misplaced empties on blender 2.4.
Any solution ?
Anyone experiencing my same problems ?
Any alternative character anymation open source package around ?


Hi gabdab
I also have the same problems.But here’s what i did.

1)I used Blender 2.37 to import the bvh file.Then i ran BVH2ARM2.1py
for some reason it works best and fast.Then save your file.

2)Fire up Blender 2.40 and open that saved file.It worked perfectly:-)
But the one problem i get is rotating the BVH and Armateur to the camera.

Also,bare in mind not all BVH files work that good,well not for me,and i have a lot of them.

Well best of luck to ya.and i hope i helped you out…

Here’s a blend file with the

try to open it up Blender2.40 it should work.

Hi Tomiko,
I downloaded the blend fiile , it works but some bones behave strangely during animation.
I’ll try to make a flash movie if you are interested.
Btw I am using debian linux.