BVH motion files from CMU. Little glitches, and their cause?

For many years I’ve been using the CMU BVH motion files. I “retarget them” with a tool that is part of the MakeHuman software.

I’m getting pretty good at splicing little bits and peices together into a scene and adding my own modifications.

But, within each set of motion data, there can be “glitches” - little unneeded sudden motions. Many times, it is a bone that flips 360 degrees from frame to frame for no reason.

Has anyone looked into this?
Are the glitches in the BVH files? Or are they a distortion caused by the retarget process?


Back in the days ( o my… i’m getting old) i also look into those first openly available data sets…

interesting to look at… but to be honest: first they where to much for my computer to handle or the animatons i wanted to make with them… but also they where… well – i ever though simply BAD… even if i had nothing better… nowadays everything is onlein availabel… looks clean… but also sterile and every character walks the same way (except mal/female)… (and none does the moves i want to :wink: )

…so even if i had done almost none (good) character animation yet… :sweat_smile: i do look from time to time into something like how to animate a toony like character tutorial… than using any premade assets…


Obsolete data… you have to cleanup too much…

I have occasionally googled motion files but don’t see much.

Are there formats other than BVH that I should be aware of?

Getting old too,

I used to work for a company that did motion capture, when I was ‘Younger’

We had two maths experts that used to clean up the data before we could show it to anyone, it always suffered from spikes ect which needed smoothing/erasing/redoing.

Dont think we ever got a clean capture straight off the bat.

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And in other situations there will be mixed some noise onto the motion to look natural…



Thanks for the wiki list, and thanks for your honesty.

FBX was the only one that I’ve seen extensively. I’ll dig around and see which of the others will work with Blender.

Again, thanks!