*.bvh tests - simple walk

I hope to get up to speed using *.bvh’s files and then get a tutorial up and running.

So the the creature doing the walk is “the maxx” - you may chose to look up this as the author has offered this for free. Full credit to this wonderful person and a dose of good old fashioned blessing too. I tweaked the texture of “the maxx” somewhat . . .

Anyways, this is a work in progress - I did not have time to get the “arms” of “the maxx” to point to the variables as designated by the bvh. The *.bvh itself is also free to use for both non-commercial and commercial work - it’s called “walk out of lift” or something I just a segment of.

From my studies of the *.bvh - it’s not really an exact science - I took plenty of liberties as to selecting the empties the bones/armature point to, but the end result of some many seconds is good enough in my opinion to pass the kindergarten aged viewers. And yeah . . . this is my first youtube clip.

Well back to the blender stuff . . .

Have a great day!

Good luck, I have spent a lot of time trying to leverage BVH in Blender with lack luster results. You will find that getting the hands and feet to work correctly is the major challenge. If you are interested, do a search on “BVH Connect”. It is a script I wrote to automatically link a BVH empty set to a character rig.

Thanks Atom - with a healthy dose of blessing to go with that. I find that manually adding the empties to the pointers is kind of time consuming, hence I don’t spend too much on this exercise per session. I will definately give it a whirl!

Here’s another one I did. I like to think that I learnt something from this exercise - but I will continue to modify these motions. Thanks!