I am new to motion capture animation using Make Human in blender, but what I found on some of the list of actions is that for instance if I select a character shooting a gun, the fingers do not move like holding a gun, there are other actions that the fingers do not correspond to the action listed. What is a way around this, or do I have to manually move the bones in the fingers, or is there another website that has more detail BVH. I appreciate Carnegie-Mellon Graphics for putting a free list, but I still like a better solution.

That’s just one of the issues with mocap. Then there’s clean-up. Even commercial stuff isn’t always perfect. I don’t know of any other free content besides the set from accad.

I don’t think they have anything specific to hands though. Those are elements you’d have to add yourself.

Our Vicon MOCAP did not shoot fingers. Finger shooting together with full-body needs very high camera resolution and many cameras. Many free mocap staff that I saw was quite poor in quality and had to be cleaned hard…

Yes, on both posts. the Tutorials on Make human and motion Capture artist or posters that make tutorials never go beyond the animation of such applications, I have yet to find a tutorial on “clean up” after doing a BVH i.e. someone shooting a gun or so forth. The only thing BVH is good for is doing animating at a long distance and not close ups.