BWC 07: The Discovery of the Lost World

Hi Everyone,


Ok, so I finally got my idea going and finished my story. I’ve decided to write a a very short story (my first :p) based on the BWC theme and most of my entry will be based on the last few paragraphs of my story.

Please not that this is fantasy, so take it for what it is.

Here is the short story.

I’ve started to work on the city, and plan on having 5-6 levels (depending on time) and will post each level as I finish them.


Hi Djarielm,

I see an old man, and a treant looking across a canyon at a mix of trees and buildings, or statues.

I think that they are both supposed to be the suject who is “contemplating”, and I have two theories.

I thought maybe it could be that the treant is contemplating the past, because there are more buildings being built, and soon the trees will disappear, and that the man is contemplating the future, because it is his world which is developing.

Or, we are in the distant future, where the treant has evolved from the trees, and walks side by side with man. They are both contemplating the damage which has been done to the forests by man… a time when they were “enemies”.

There you go… did I win? :cool:

(and good luck to you too! )

Close. I hope one will be able to see more than just nature and buildings. There is indeed no relationship between men and nature and this, is seen as a problem. I will post some stuff I’ve modelled later. Still very wip.

looks like a nice start, I like the idea :slight_smile:

someone is doing a particle fire thread that might be helpful for this.


Will place levels here when done


I really like that layered texture that you have on the side of the cliff, but it is way too smooth at the top. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’ve actually started to model the cliff all over again. Looks way better now. I’m also going to add nice details in the cliff towards the final stages and the top of the cliff will have a different texture.

I will post new updates tomorrow, not sure if the cliff should be darker but I’ll worry about the texturing later. I’ve got way to much to do still.