BWC 08-esque: Bug Hunt

I’m not going to explain the picture at all, because isn’t the point that the picture should tell a story? Stare at it for a little while and build your own story of what you think is happening.

I am, however, going to explain that I am very new to Blender3d so unless I pull something miraculous out of my…mind… then this probably isn’t going to end up an actual entrance into the BWC. I just figure that it will be a good project for me to learn on, and if over the next 2 weeks I come far enough along that it is a piece at least worth the judges time to look at, I’ll enter it.

So far, I have worked on the creature in the corner and would like any suggestions or critiques for it (I call it a snelet). The eye-stalks are made of 12bones, I suspect there’s an easier way to get better functionality. The eyelids are just spheres that have been unwrapped a little bit, is there another way I should accomplish that? And the hair… good lord, the hair :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the rest of the scene, I still need books and a wooden shelf as well as a hanging lamp that the fat guy just bumped into (not featured in the sketch)… to say nothing of the walls and floor themselves.

Also, if you have a suggestion, please point me in the right direction as far as learning any skills I might need to comply.

Without further ado, my snelet:

Hey that is really cool. You even rigged it!

Regarding your story . . . nothing creeps up on me at the moment except that what you decide in your story, it must be quite unexpected and really with a “twist”.

the hair and the face need some serious work. The hair looks really low poly and doesn’t come forward enough. The face is flat, the mouth is rather blank, and the middle eye appears to be flat. The colour scheme in my opinion is not very pleasing, though the shirt looks kind of cool. The character doesn’t have a very artistic look in my opinion. He could look way better and cooler with some work