BWC 08 - Hurry, the day is ending!

hello everyone!, i want to share the making of my entry to the BWC 08.
Now i have made some sketches and the first 3d previews, but it still in progress, is only a WIP…
I hope to recieve comments and critics off course! :wink:
I attach two images of the concept art…


Well, i was working in blender to pass the 2d concept to 3d, and this is how it is looking now.
the models are very low-poly and with a lot of ugly details, but the pourpose is to make a quick skecth of the composition, and work on lighting and materials setup.


That looks very nice so far. I like both the greyish color of the 1st image and the more vivid colors of the 2nd - however, orange shorts… ewww… ;p

Now, the day/night “limit” is kind of strange, because, well, night doesn’t suddently appear that way - but I don’t know how you could improve that part.

In the second render with the effect where is her body hehe? its really welldone!

I really dig your concept. Very well thought through and original!

I can’t wait to see further progress. Good luck in the BWC!

Rore: that is my primary problem: how do i do the day/night limit, in the image i use a Square light with negative energy and with Halo active, but i think that i will use a blend texture to do that and get a effect more smoother on the edge…
Key Shiroi: Thanks! the second image is older than the greyish one… that is why the body is dissapear!
The M.h.p.e : Thanks and good luck for you too! PD: i see your wip for the BWC, congratulations for the models i love your works!!! …

i have made some improves and add more detail to the characters, in one image i show the squar lamp, and in the another you can see the details.


very nice concept

Really coming along! Great style and movement in the image. It’s cartoony without being… well… too cartoony, in a cliché way. Good luck in the competition, and awaiting updates!

well thanks to everyone for the comments, here another image showing different states of the process, now i’m working in the lighting setup also in little mesh modifications and corrections…
In this image, the last one (the third) is in fact a 3d render with pencil sketchs over it. I use this technic to get an quick view of the final concept and final details.


great style as usual pablo!

-Really awesome work, I like the simplicity and style…

I like the way this looks, it is very appealing. I feel as though the sketches have more energy, the poses are more dramatic.

oooh awesome!
very stylish
good luck!

Hi there, realy nice style you’ve got there, and the idea is awesome!
What you should do is to exaggerate the poses so the “hurry” is more clear, now it doesn’t look like there are in a hurry. Stretch the arms so they are more straight and make his front leg straight as well… try that…I mean your pose now is not bad at all… either way it will be an awesome image! :smiley:

Good luck!
wish you all the best!


the last days I don’t even touch blender… :S . i have some thing to do in the real world jejej, like celebrate the friend’s day! :wink: (happy day!)
Just today i start to do some changes and minor updates to the girl. Add textures, add hair with curves and also modify/stylish the mesh.
here is the image of the actual state.
And,thanks for the comments. I really appreciate your response!:yes:


just another update for today…


only change her shoes


Cute concept
Love the style
very tim burton lol
Her dimples look alittle weird in my opinion ^^

I think her teeth make it more like she’s having fun rather than being pulled against her will and being surprised. The earlier sketches looked better for her. Remove her teeth, Also lose the dimples too :slight_smile: I like the new shoes, they work great and the shoelaces help add to the dynamics.