BWC '08: Morning~

One of my BWC entries, yeah I might have more than one…I dont know if I can enter more than one but I can try! This is a old old idea i had since i started 3D but I never had the skills or confidence to do it, the main main idea is two people (being my girlfriend and me) watching the sun raise yeah I know I’m a hopeless romantic, The poses and background were there but no models. The poses were going to be really close, this is one idea for it, sorry for the bad sketch skills. The camera angles is still up in the air but I want a nice warming picture. Also a really nice house lol. Picture of us two :smiley:


That sketch is so cool!

Thanks lol

new pictures and poses
overall camera work and pose…might get rid of coffee…
Stephanie, in 3D I have the meshes being worked on in separate Scenes when the time comes i simply change the mesh data and there we go ^^ also its a good idea to keep the data separate so I can reuse the model

NUDISTS!!! lol joking…(i have a lame sense of humour) nice job tho its really looking good, i like it alot :slight_smile:

I think the SSS on the face is a little to intense, which makes it sort of look like a gummy bear.

lol wow youre right well I dont know I kinda like the gummy bear style…maybe…I have some time I’m putting aside for the skin editing…but if you have some good settings or something of the like please share them I’m going for a “not too realistic but still real” look lol sorry I’m not too clear lol

latest update
I need a better texture and or material
also add more detail to the geometry and add in another level of subserf.

why do people add so much sub surf lol …you just have to find a better solution haha.

There are some .blend files with some skin textures in this thread

Actually I was talking about the blanket lol
the skin might end up being my style or not lol

super edited or not…
I cant choose which on is best…
A: (left == edited)
B: (right == unedited)


The one on the left looks less waxy. It looks like the sunlight is coming straight through their heads on the right.

hey,i like the silhouete version. maybe you want to tweak on the hair, it is a bit rough right now, try to add rimlite on it to make it more realistic feeling. and also the girl’s neck is quite odd for me. anyway, good job

Actually the one on the right is more realistic since the sunlight going through them seems to give a lense flare affect. Very nice idea, it’s coming along really well.

Thank you and how should I do the hair ‘rimlight’?
in gimp or add SSS in 3D or maybe some translucent?

well for a rim light you could use a light pointed at the hair. Made it the same color as the sun in the background You’d want to make it less intense so it doesn’t illuminate the whole heads and just position in a way that the sun may be hitting the hair so that you can get an idea of the shapes of the hair, etc.

So I could use a exclusive light also right?
I might try to cheat and do it in GIMP since I dont want to rerender…
I could do some funky masking though…but let me see what is best…

okay here we go guys!
fixed the neck and the nose on the guy
next issue would be the hair diffuse?
due to the fact that I’m lazy and my computer needs a break from rendering for awhile if anyone knows a way to do the "realistic hair in GIMP (or any other editor) please tell me ^^
looks on google
thank you guys


I’m not sure what you mean by exclusive light. I assume you mean a light that only illuminates one object. I am not positive how to do that in Blender. In C4D there is a list in the light properties and you can set it to include or exclude. So if you set it to include and just had the girl object in the list just the girl would be affected by it. I think to do this in Blender you’d have to have the object and light in a separate layer and have the light only affect the layer it is on. If someone else knows the exact process please correct me. I don’t know how long it took to render the image, but if your good with Gimp should take less time. Seeings as you only have a day and some change that is probably the best route. You could try the rim light in Blender after the challenge though for sake of learning. Good luck.