BWC 08 The Worm Incident

Never actually thought I would make it to this section of the forum but since Time is running out and I will have to go to work here is my final entry for the BWC.

I enjoyed making it and learned a lot of new things and for once I actually finished something.

Good Luck to everyone else in the BWC (not that I stand a chance of winning) and happy blending.

funny! That’s all I can crit… cuz I don’t have any blender skills myself :smiley:

it’s awesome how one can improve himself during a competition or some serious project he want to reach, all the best for the competition!

I was waiting for this finished project. Definitely one of my favorites. Good job.

Thank you Bigglesworth. It is good to know that people like your finished product. :slight_smile:

I love the expression on the worms face!