BWC '09: The Tyrant

Here is my entry. WIP thread is
The (ridiculously large) full size is available here.

very good modeling, and whats the story behind it?

Thanks. This unfortunate creature is Raest, the Jaghut tyrant from the Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson. He is basically a powerful ancient being that has been released from being sealed up after some hundreds of thousands of years. Here he is fighting some other powerful ancient beings, which are not shown.

I had plans for a more ambitious picture, with more elements, but ran out of time like most of the participants. The end result is also more gruesome looking than I originally thought. I learned a lot with this project, this is probably the most complex thing I have ever modeled. But it is time to do something else now.

Looks wicked awesome. How’d you do those dangling bits of flesh/tissue between some of the joints/bones? Are they just textured planes?

Yes, they are just textured planes. For the muscle bits I have two subsurf modifiers, one with Catmull-Clark, the second with simple subsurf, after these the Displace modifier. The textures all have procedural element, so they could (in theory) be animated.