BWC 1st september `hehe

My name is Akiko Kitagawa and I will be taking KeyofKUra’s idea over he didn’t get to upload it because his user is broken, also he is very good at blender but very new for him also for me too hehe.wakata

I will be working with reflections and water to come to a fresh and inviting look I hope my idea is clear …I think so ne, nandemo.

Well if you posted something we could see, that would be nice. Imagination only works in the head. People need to see proof of it.
… I really need to learn that one…

Okay please wait until tomorrow I am working right now.

OKAY! I have a mountain side with loads of cliff and hill also I’ll be adding plants and tree;z so ill need to know how to use the tree gen and also be putting water in there.
I think ill end up making my own tree’s thew.

Post up some of your work, just screenshot what you have now. No need to wait for a render or whatnot. You can get critique while your working.