BWC 2008: Classic Toys Memorial


I am from Spain, and i am not really good in english. (i apologize)

The BWC is now really near and i had some days ago a rare idea that impluse me to participate.

It is about the way the new tecnologic games and toys have taken the classic toys to sink into obscurity. So i thought some ARMY MEN in the same posture that the marines in the monument USMC Memorial, and, well, this is the link for the picture i made thinking about that. I was not sure i could obtain a reallistic result, but last weekend i was inspirated. So i hope it look like a photo.

It was one week ago and this image is the first render on the PSP… it is not completely finished as you could see, but i was eager to see the result.

I hope you like this.

I am now working in the other elements. I hope i could reach the complete image next weekend.

Bye and good luck all other contestants.

Good stuff - a nice interesting twist that actually stands out from the others. I believe you deserve the award for thinking out of the square - no doubt a runner up at the minimum.

…lol and the last minute jobs are often the best!

I just have finished a render that could be named “final image”… but i think there are many thing i could improve in composition or elements. Please, let me know all you think about it. thank you.

i will thank any thing you could say about the image before the deadline.

i hope you like this…

:cool: bye :cool:

Awesome idea, and great work so far!

Looks really great, but I would change the picture on the right to something more subtle. Right now I’m looking more to the picture than the actual scene.

The flag doesn’t look as plastic as the army men, but DANG this is awesome!

Wow, that is cool! And you made the whole scene (except for the PSP) in two days - right?! Amazing, amazing.

yep… after the PSP, i made the whole scene in 65 hours … but i was awake about 2 whole days …

when i had finished i was sleeping 14 hours… hehe.

thank you for comment and critics… i had no time these days to make any changes in scene… so, i send the final render some days ago. I will remember the comments for future works.