[BWC 2008] "Left on Battlefield" by REiKo Rhoemer

Hi, all.

I want to show some screens of my work for Blender World Cup contest. I have tried 3 other absolutely different themes for BWC, but have always found some problem, which I could not overcome. This one I want to finish.

Here is the story: In a far future there is a war on a colonized planet. After unsuccessful attack of one army, all battle units are leaving the planet in spaceships and regrouping on planet´s orbit. The escape was so sudden, that not all soldiers have been able to enter the spaceships and were left on their own.

The artwork will display one girl-soldier (I named her Natalia 8) that havent entered the escape spaship in time. Kneeling in the middle of the battlefield, she desperately looks in emptyness, her arms flag.

The environment will be devasted battlefield with some tanks (I modeling modifications of British Mark IV tank) in background and some ruins. I want to make an orange colored sky like I have seen in trailer for Final Fantasy XIII – I want try to make a Matte painting. I have never done a Matte painting, but it will look much better than Million Particles Kaos in Blender environment :).

– Here are screens of Natalia –

::head modeled::

::head textured::

::head textured with features (particle eyebrows, eyelashes)::

::head with texture under hair (should I let her be bald :smiley: ?)::

::chest model::

::early body model::

::some other features + front and frontside particle hair::

::newest modifications::

– ALCA sword –

– VUTTO shield (only model) –

I have some problems with rest of her hair. The particles are not doing what I want, so it will need more time and more tests :(.

OK. Thats all for now. New updates will come soon (I have still 21 days to finish it).

Hey you did a really good job on the facial and the sword is surperb. This work will get you far! I give you full credit for awesomeness!

Awesome work, man. I am seriously impressed, and I’m so glad you gave her hair! Took her from like a 4 to an 8.

Another update. Girl is modelled, I have made a pose. The hair is very crappy, but I think it is the best I can do with Blender particle system. Now I plan to make the lighting and environment.

I hope I will make in time :).


I have just finished a tank, which will be in background of the final image. It is modified british tank Mark IV. The sky texture in the second image will be used as background for the final image - I have compiled it from different sky photo references and postprocessed in GIMP 2.4.6.



Next updates will be soon ;).