[BWC 2008] "Left on Battlefield" finished

Hi, all.

This is my BWC 2008 entry. WIP is in this thread. Enjoy.


Nice idea, but i think you bit of more than you can chew. Everything is a bit stiff an emotionless.

Emotionless, you think. Maybe I concentrated on modelling too much, so the main idea of the picture has vanished. That is not good :(.

Thanks for your comment, TheANIMAL.

Nice image although I have to agree with The Animal. It is kind of static. I think the eyes of your main person look really good but I do not quite get the relation of the robots and the woman and the title.
Btw the bump/normal map of her shield seems to be inverted. The scratches look like they extrude out of the shield.

Maybe a change on the angle could do somethin better. The face closer to camera while the robots on the back, defocused… Just my opinion.

Thanks for ideas and comments, guys. There is no time for tweaks, because BWC is deadlined, but I will carry your words into next projects. It seems, that I should spend more time planning :).

I think if the sword weildeing robot has his sword on high and about to chop her head off it will have more emotion.