BWC 2008 - Loneliness

here’s my entry for the BWC and i’m not sure if it was accepted or not because i was a little to late :frowning:
any way i like to post it here as a first post and hope you like it
sorry for my english


Surprised no one’s replied to this yet modeling lighting and texturing are all great. I think the child figure looks fantastic, I luv that puppet style reminds me of a Peter and the wolf animation I once seen, only thing is the photo above, i think its a little to bright/saturated and clean compared to the rest of the scene.
I know how the kid feels also, my arms pretty badly broken at the mo and i can’t do any blenderin:). This is definitely in my top three, I hope you get a prize good luck with the comp.

WHOA…I really like the lighting…I am learning somewhat how to get good lighting down…
Yeah its up there in my top 3 or 4…really good

looks good, how did you do the sun beams?

thank you guys your kind word make me realy happy
@seanser : i try to make the photo take the attention of the viewer because it’s the half of the story … and i hope that you could blenderin again soon
@Lilgrudgeboy & linuxpimp21 : the lightning is just AO with energy:3 and samples:8, and some spots to show some details ,and about the sun beams this is the setup