BWC 2008 - Lunchtime Finished (Sort of)

Well here it is, not quite how I wanted it, due to lack of memory!
Had to reduce some hair / grass elements. But at least it is finished.

It’s been a good focus to learn new tools and techniques.

Good luck all, there are some amazing images this year.

Full Size image here


The enbtered image has to be 1 mega pixel, yours is about 0.67 megapixels.

Render it bigger!
Try 1280x800

Some of the most interesting aspects of the scene is blurred out, it’s kind of hard to get focus here.

It’s a really neat scene, but I think the blur is a little overdone. If I hadn’t seen your WIP thread, I don’t think I’d know that was a lion that that venus flytrap just ate (it is a lion, right?). Without that, it’d be really good.