BWC 2009 - Im onboard!

Hi blenderheads,

iam happy to have a little time this year to contribute to the bwc 2009. I hope i will learn many new things and can contribute some inspiration for other blender heads :wink:

Currently iam in the “preproduction” phase, just playing around with ideas and sketching some things. My Idea is the following:

A band or some musicians are playing an epic song. The music calls creatures from other realms and they are breaking through into this world. Maybe i outline a modern musician whose soul is an old bard creating music to encourage their soldats.

Something like this ^^ Maybe some things may change… and now some sketches and ideas i visualized. More coming soon!


ps: sorry for my bad english, hope everything is understandable ^^


So next Update,

today was the first time i tried thumbs^^ They give me the possibillity to play around with my ideas without getting too much into detail.

Additionally i created a rough sketch of a drum set but i think during modelling i will add more details.

Next step will be a rough concept of the whole composition to get a feeling for the colors. I Hope i don´t bore you with my ugly sketches :wink: but i wanted this project to start from concept :eyebrowlift: Another thing to do is to get a concept for the band characters (i think it will be a band with three artists (guitar, bass, drums).

3d stuff will follow soon,so stay tuned and gimme some feedback (if there is anything to say for now :wink: )



cool! i like your concept art, lookin forward to the 3d stuff
just curious, but what’s your plan on the camera angle? looks like in your last two sketches the camera angle and ratio is different…

anyways yea, I like it - nice color scheme :slight_smile:

thx for feedback,

iam still struggling what ill do with that camera perspective, mainly iam aiming at something that lets the two box towers appear huge reaching straight into the sky, and on the other side i want to have the stage with the artists on the bottom. Iam actually playing in blender to achieve this, allthough its really hard because it must be a very distorted perspective (ill show this later with some newer concepts)

looking forward for your feedback blenderheads !

Hi there,
unfortunately i had some kind of flu, so i couldnt work on my project. But now iam fit and did some new sketches. I think the portrait will be the drummer. Something like the stage on the other sketch will be the final composition.

I already did some tests in blender with the camera . I think i will have to help the perspective a littlbit with bending the boxes so they nearly touch each other in the sky. If i have some more tests done i will post them so you can understand what iam talking of :confused:^^

so thats it for now,