BWC 2010: Nighthawks

My entrance for BWC 2010. Hope you’ll like it!


Awesome! :smiley:

Mookie, check this tutorial:

Great image.

Great Render! This is definitely going to place well in BWC.

why no antialiasing?
some adaptive sampling would certainly get rid of that quite easily without adding too much to the rendertime.

Great. My friend and I are actually making an animation about a radio. BTW, something about the needle and the light refraction of the fractured glass doesn’t seem right.

Thanks for all the comments!

Alvaro - I know that tutorial and I tried to make the same thing. It didn’t produce any motion blur unfotunatelly.

spacetug - thanks for pointing that out. It should look better now.

What a tiny radio it is :smiley:

oh thats awesome dude!

FreeMind - I guess you’re right. The radio should be a bit bigger or matchbox a bit smaller.

itqan - thanks, dude!

Thanks for rating my work!

No, leave it as it is, nice composition.
Refraction of the fractured glass is too much I think.
Neon should give more light around (club), maybe
But all these don’t really matter.
Great render and great atmo and composition. For the banner as soon as possible, please :slight_smile:

OK, I uploaded my image once again - this time with a few extra tweakings. Hope you’ll like it! And thanks for all the comments!

I love it, great job mate.:wink:


Best of luck for bwc…

There’s one thing that bothers me - I’m afraid my monitor is bad calibrated. Could you take a look at those 3 images and tell me which one of them has the an optimal color saturation and contrast? The third one is slightly different from the other two but it doesn’t matter that much. I would really appreciate your opinion.

The third is too dark, I prefer the first one. Or something between the first and the second.
Calibration apps are not working on cheap monitors! The best way is to connect an expensive one and a cheap one. Then using a simple B&W gradient you’ll be able to calibrate the cheap one. In general, use a lot of contrast and less light.
Great scene and render once again!

OK, thanks, I think that now it’s perfect.

on my screen (but its a laptop screen), the second looks about right, while the third is my favourite in terms of mood by far, the other two don’t even show the beams of light coming out of the doorway.

the third is best!

i think 2nd one is perfect