BWC 2010: The Razor...

This is my BWC entry for this year, I did a claymation much like this in collage many years ago, a character climbs up onto a table and finds a razor, unable to stop himself he picks up the razor and cuts himself into many pieces, if for no other reason than the razor “is there,” then the video ends, all set to classical music.

To me this is a meditation on one aspect of human nature I would guess many of us have experienced.

blender 2.49 and luxrender 0.7

Full Res:

Best Regards.

thats great, wat sss settings did you use for the clay?

for the clay I used a glossy texture set to the IOR of plastic, with a exponent of 25, its quite close to a matte texture but not quite, luxrender allows the specular channel of the glossy texture to be set to a IOR like you would with glass, imo this is is very nice but unrated feature of lux.

SSS might be implemented in 0.8 but right now we are using absorption in terms of media to “fake” it.

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

I tthink there should be some blood on the razor. The razor itself looks strange - try to use Glossy Material and some nice texture as spec map, it should help.

By the way, do you know if the submission form isavailable for BWC 2010? I don’t see it anywhere…

yes i agree, the razor needs some more a bit more specularity and your method of faking SSS is strange but it worked :P.
i just usually max out the toon shader and use spotlamps… good job. i like it!

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

I have not been able to find the submission form either, I am assuming its not up yet.

The razor itself is the measured IOR of amorphous carbon using the metal texture in lux, so its not “fake metal.” I think its a good simulation etc its just that it does not look like it is “expected” to look, which is something that can happen in unbiased rendering using measured data.

Heh, kind of have to trust the simulation perhaps.


you probably need to add something interesting behind the camera for it to reflect.
something with a lot of variation in lightness and color…

the problem with lux is it’s hard to know where to draw the line between art and simulation. :rolleyes:

oh yes, another crit, the model fits the background scene, though i think you should darken both the model and the background, i dunno if it’s just my monitor, but the head almost blends in with the background because it’s so white.

I admit I like over-exposed areas in my renders, which I think might be the source of the blending. For this one I was hoping to convey a amateur video. Which is why I also used luxrenders camera aberration filter.

I agree its hard to find a balance between simulation and art with lux, I tend to lead towards the simulation/surrealism side in a way because I am hoping to find a zone in there were I can get the “art” to emerge from the light flow itself without adding anything. Tho I feel art is a process and the result is more of a commentary on that process ideally I would like the viewer to be able to find the “art” in the same way it can be found just looking at light flow thru a glass of water IRL :wink: