[BWC] Alone... *Completely Redone*

Hey guys! This is my first entry to ever submit to bwc. I’m going for a look of a scene that will happen in the future. Within the next presidential reign. The next president wages war with the wrong country… basically america is raided. I’m doing a scene of a backally with a beatup house all boarded up with bullet holes.

Use your imagination while viewing it. I’ll post the render after it’s done baking… this is still a WIP and needs much work.

EDIT:: I’m now going with a new feel. Right now to everyone viewing it’ll be a mystery till it’s done.

If it’s just a WIP then why don’t you post it in the Works in Progress section?


I never did that before… umm a little embarrassed?

Lol, mods please move this.

I finally got everything baked (normals and all)

So here it is, Now I have to add panels with bullet holes and fix the lighting =D

C&C appreciated =D


Nice cool atmosphere . . . good job so far. Ofcourse you are a master at texturing from what I seen of the “Nixie” mesh - so my critisism will not surprise you.

Haha, I’m not THAT good at texturing, I’m just releasing a 2 hour xcore dvd on texturing, nothing big =P

I’m jk

I think I suck at texturing =/

Here’s an update. I know the door is transparent too, but on this comp it’s a real pain.

I decided to go with a different feel, there will be blinds inside the window. You will understand the image when it’s all done.

EDIT:: I was working off of this image when I first started: http://www.kilduffs.com/stone_Door8.jpg


The windows are transparent! :open_mouth:

wait… windows are supossed to be transparent…

lol (O_o)

I know right? Anyway I’m putting some wood planks and blinds inside the window. The scene is starting to make sense… although the image has literally 50 meanings.

This is it completely redone… I still will add more.

I’d like to know your thoughts on it before I tell you what it’s about.

EDIT:: oops forgot to attach the image =O


everything is too specualar…and blocky…and if its and abandoned house then the would is more cracked and everything…

There’s a person in it, it’s not abandoned… It’ll make more sense when it’s done.

I hope this sparks some emotion now.

I’m replacing the skybox with a higher res and a better one.

take not of the person inside so people will stop saying it’s an abandoned house.



Thats one big ass shotgun…

Other then that its lloookin good =)

Yah. Big-ass shotgun. Generally folks don’t put their weapons barrel-down, because dirt and crap clogs the end of the barrel and that can cause very bad things to happen. I heard tell once that the grunts in Vietnam put scotch tape on the ends of their barrels so that the mud and junk in the jungle wouldn’t get in, but the tape wouldn’t impede the first round when they had to open fire.
I think the stone and wood are still too shiny. And typically there’d be some sort of frame around the door, the stone doesn’t usually go right to the door frame. And most homes have (or had) some sort of front light, either above or to the side of the door, doing a rusted busted light might help a bit. Finally, I’d space the windows a bit farther from the door, and I think the proportions of the door may be a bit off as well. A bit too wide for the height?
All that said, a nicely paranoid image coming together here. I like it.

The proportions of the door and right, if you see his head you’ll see that. Anyway I’m adding a door frame and a rusted light. There’s not too much time left.

turn the specular down on your bricks, its making them look like plastic,

Ok, enough with the bricks!!! Lol, I’ll fix the damn things.

Or the other side up. If the weapon falls and discharges, some poor thing may feel this the following morning, if they are lucky. Remember - treat every weapon as loaded always! Oh yeah nice image.