BWC -- Bigglesworth

I am glad it is that time of year again. Last year I learned so much, and I know that my experience will only grow larger with the completion of this new project.

The entire premise for this project is to let the image speak for itself. There are several main elements to the piece that I have mapped out in my head, but I haven’t quite grounded them yet. As a result, they didn’t make it to the concept sketch. Among them is the idea of having a large planet filling the horizon. In any case, attached is the concept: a small girl gazing out onto a broad expanse of fog that ends at the foot of a large mountain/volcano. I am unsure whether or not to have her holding a scroll, or to keep the red umbrella.

A side note: for this concept sketch I did everything except the girl, which is a piece I obtained from after searching for a girl holding an umbrella. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this work, and instead of using it for reference I decided to simply implement the actual image into the sketch itself.


good idea!

Thanks ionee. :slight_smile:

I began work on the girl. I started with a makehuman base mesh, touched it up in Blender, and began boxing the clothing. This is really a very early w.i.p. the result of perhaps a half hour of modeling, with basic materials applied so one can differentiate between the different items she is wearing.


Spent some time on the hair. The details in the front are relatively unimportant, as they are not going to be seen in the final composition (and the feet are more than likely going to be hidden by foliage, so I decided not to bother with shoes). I may add a pony tail later, but for now a simple boycut will do.

I’m unsure whether or not to hood the jacket.

Remember, feedback is welcome and appreciated. :slight_smile:


all lookin good so far! i’ll be watching for more updates :slight_smile:

I like the idea of a hooded jacket although to be honest that doesn’t sound easy… I love the sketch. Can’t wait to see some more.

Thank’s guys!

Here is another small update. I figured that pants would look much better on her. The only things I’m truly dissatisfied with so far are the hair and the sweater. The sweater not so much – I just need to spend some extra time transforming it into a jacket. The hair, though, is something I simply can’t pin down. Any tips would be welcome. :slight_smile:


A crude trench coat, so you can see the difference.


PS: excuse the inconsistent lighting/background setup. That’s just me experimenting. :smiley:

Feet seem a little weird to be, but other than that great work!

Hullo stranger, you haven’t been around these parts for a while ! This looks like it is coming on nicely. The trouser cuffs seem to be quite big.

Nice concept. I like this time of year. Kinda miffed that I can’t actually take part in the competition though. End of uni term approximately when I need to work…

Oh well. Good luck! Will comment later when I can.