BWC (Blender World Cup)...And the topic is...

This comming weekend, the WC will be postponed, and replaced with a very similar competition, which is the first stage of the first annual Blender World Cup. Which is marking the opening of Blenders newest community site Blender Battles

It has already started as of approximatly 12pm GMT Monday the 21st of June. and will finish on Wednesday next week at the same time. (one week one day if you never sleep)

There is a prize for the winner of the Blender world cup.

Full details are available at Blender Battles forums

All questions or comments on the competition belong in that forum.

Here is the topic.

“Prototypes, you think will never be made”

You’re a designer designing a prototype…But what kinda stunt are you pulling? You really think an investor will try buy this thing?

If you have come here wanting to enter the Weekend challenge, and think you have come too late, well you most certainly havn’t, you will have plenty of time to complete a good entry. and the top four people will be progressing to the next round, so you have good chances.

Have Fun guys

awesome topic

Do we just post are finished work here like other wc’s?

Hmmm, this might be a tuff one to concept.

Awesome, i think i’m in.

no, this time the poll will be run off the Blender Battles website, a suitable link will be given when voting comes and such.

i will write a more detailed answer when it comes closer to the time.

with exact instructions on what to do :smiley:


paste eater

I love the idea of the Blender World Cup. I really don’t think I’m good enough to consider entering at the moment, but I do think it would be good to have a fitting trophy for the winner / competition - like the Ashes kind of thing. Something which reflects the spirit of the Blender community.

I hope that the Blender World Cup may be with us for some time to come.

The voting is open guys.

go and visit for voting info and all the contestants.

thanks people.