BWC CMonson's Entry

So this is my entry for this years Blender World Cup. I’ve had this project in the WIP forum for a couple months, but as the contest is nearing it’s end I was thinking I’d move it over here and ask people to nit-pick the hell out of this for the next week or two until I submit it.

Btw, I am still debating whether I want to go with the film frame look or not, which is why I’m posting both.

High Res:


i defiantly think the one without the film frame looks better

i would add some more dirt or dirt to the cat… and maybe a slight layer of dust on the table with foot prints would look good…

i love the overall look of this scene though… great job :slight_smile: and good luck in the bwc

Hey Nath, thanks for the input. More dirt on the cat could be cool. Maybe some stains as well. He has some overall dirtiness happening already, but it could certainly be more pronounced. As for the dust on the table, I’ll think about that one, I like the idea a lot, I just don’t know if it would fit the scene as it’s a table that’s currently in use, so any good host would have dusted it recently (unless of course this was happening at my house, then yes there would be dust) :eyebrowlift2:

wow this is a cool image! well done

the only thing that bothers me is the cat’s feet. maybe you could spend a little time reworking them? i guess they dont look right to me because they come to a point.

just a thought…what if you did more of a traditional stuffed animal foot, where there’s a circular pad at the bottom that’s patched to the bottom of the leg? kind of like the foot here:

oh and i’d also agree with natholas, the one without the film frame looks better :slight_smile:

good luck in the bwc!

Hey thanks for the suggestions Jeepster, and sorry for the late reply. I’ve been busy with work and haven’t had much time to work on this until today. I tweaked the feet a bit and rounded them out, you were right, that did look bad. I don’t think I’m gonna do the traditional stuffed animal feet, it just didn’t feel right to me in the scene.

High Res:


I’ve made some tweaks on the lighting and the cat’s expression, and dirtied the cat up a bit.