BWC: Crossing the River Styx (final product)

Since we are new, an introduction. We are two brothers who have fiddled with Blender on and off for a while, and have decided to combine our strengths and create an entry for the BWC.

A greek hero has died and finds himself at the mouth of the underworld. We have two ideas. Either he is waiting at the bank of the river for the Charon, or is in the boat (since he is a Hero, he gets a Tireme, not a small rowboat) being rowed across by Charon and his crew.

Some of the items that we have made: the hull of the Trireme, a skull (needs the correct teeth), and the beginnings of the armor of the hero.

All and any C&C is welcome and appreciated.


I think it needs Charon, the ferryman. Apart from that, you’re going strong. Good modeling on the dude. Perhaps he could have like a huge gash in his neck, to show how he died? Oh, and give him a hoplon (large round shield), I didn’t see one in the concept drawing.

edit; By the way, it’s the river Styx he needs to cross to get into the Hades.

Charon intends to be included, he just did not make the first sketch. Also the Hero will have full greek armor, no “300 movie” greeks in boxers. The human model is from Make Human. Its being used as the manikin for the armor, our human will follow (eventually).

Attached is a test rendering of water for the river styx.


The BWC is about skill, not using some generic makehuman models.

What I’m saying is, don’t use makehuman to make generic models for a BWC entry, I’d show off skill by modeling your own figures.

Actually I think it is allright to use makehuman especially if you are just using it as a maniquin. Just be sure to mention it and give credit to MH where it is due.
Oh and of course be prepared to get down rated and bashed for it!

3D is all about taking shortcuts at the right corners.

yeah go for it just remodel parts so it doesn’t looks so make human like there models are funny…

I think what these brothers are doing is actually quite clever. I believe they are using MakeHuman as almost a 3d reference image just to get the proportions right and then making their own human model. Its no different to using normal refernence images to get proportions right, except their reference is a pre-existing 3d model, not a 2d image.

Anywho about your model. I like the idea but i would suggest giving the armour some actuall thickness because at the moment it looks like it doesnt actually have any and is simply an extruded plane.

Good luck and cant wait for updates


im sorry to say this and i dont mean to be offensive but MAKEHUMAN IS FOR NUBZZZ
seriously though, its just 1 single model with morph targets. Its as uncreative as you can get i think this should be banned from bwc but what ever.

anyways -1 star from make human but otherwise its not looking bad.

Just to clarify (and quell the controversy), MakeHuman will not be used in the final product, it is being used at the moment as an aid to constructing the armor. Our human is in its very early stages, too early to model the armor around, so a substitute is being used for that.

In retrospect, the helmet should have been posted by itself, without the manikin. I apologize for the confusion.

Bottom line: MakeHuman is just being used for the creation of the armor and will not be a part of the final product.

If they want to use it for theres let em there noobs as you say …So am I
Ive used it but found they look really ugly so yeah i dont use em

After a long week of work and school, back to blending

Modeling the Greek armor is nearly complete, just a few details need to be added.

Detail shots of the armor.

the helmet. the particles that create the plume are designed to look better from a distance

any comments and critiques are appreciated.

The modeling on the Trireme (technically a unireme, but who’s counting?) is nearing completion.

The trireme needs a sail, then next is the human, finishing the skeleton, and Charon.

C&C welcome.

After a long time without any updates, here are a few. Texturing was never my strong point, so much of this has been a learning experience full of trial and error.

First, the trireme afloat on water.

the boat is too big to uv unwrap on my pc, so i am having a little bit of trouble getting the texture to actually fit on the boat, and still have work to do in that regard.

the armor is pretty much done, except for some details, and the hero is almost finished.

fortunately his face is going to be covered up by the helmet, cause it still does not look right.

C&C welcome

Looking really good…how did you make that gold material, would you mind sharing the settings, including lighting?

sure, i dont have time for details until after the competition, though.

actually the lighting is just a lamp i threw in there, the texture works pretty well under most lighting conditions (as long as there is not too much light)

here are my nodes, that texture on the bottom is used on all the first five nodes, then the last one has dirt, and grime textures on it.

if thats not enough, i’ll give you more later

Greek Mythology is the coolest thing ever…Styx River was one of my favorite things to learn about… Looks good. cant wait for more

Thanks so much! one question though…on the 4th/5th node how did you get the band of specular?

The band of specular is tangent shading. The option is located in the shaders tab of the material buttons on the top right.

Hope that helps.

Interesting stuff, I personally love mythology, so it’s great you’re doing something like this.
Quick note on your models, they’re good, but you good add more definition to the soldiers abs and pec mounds on his armour. Also the sword needs a bit of work too. A don’t forget the penny (was it a silver?) for the ferryman =).
Also, a note to all those who weren’t paying attention and bashed this guy for using Make Human, he was using it as a reference and clearly stated that, not as an actual final model which he intended to make from scratch also clearly stated. As it happens, the only reason I know about it is because it was recommended by the guy who wrote the Blender book on Character Animation and it was on the DVD that came with it, so it’s not that bad.
Please read previous posts before posting if you want to answer a post make sure you aren’t saying something pointless.
Keep it up Calesco, you’re doing great! Are you able to put boarding on the boat?

I figured out a way through some interesting photoshoping that looks a lot closer to what a uv unwrap would produce. unfortinately there are places that will not look good, no matter how much the texture is tweaked, so i figure I’ll have to hide those in shadows.

also the human has been textured as a spirit and put what will be close to its final pose.

Krayon - thanks for the feedback, the abs very how they look by the lighting, so when i add the final lighting, i will make sure that they are highlighted. they should look much more defined in this pic than the previous one. Also the “sword” is actually the sword in the scabbard, thus no blade.

One question regarding the blender cloth simulator, is it supposed to crash very often? while creating the cape, blender must have crashed around 20 times while doing the cloth simulation. Version 2.46 has crashed on two PCs, running XP and Vista, and both have plenty of horsepower, so it is not that issue.

Basically, have any tips to make the cloth simulation flow smoothly without crashing? If it didn’t crash on the cape so much, charon might also be finished, and i hate to think of it trying to bake a cloak.

c&c, as always, are welcome