[BWC entry] "Last Dance with Mary Jane"

Last minute entry! i figured since my little admirer picture is almost done, i’d do another idea that i thought really nailed the idea of “a moment in time”. this is a picture moments before an accident…scary stuff!
for this post im just putting on my basic render with some post painting to see what i want it to look like when it’s actually done…simple scene, but hopefully it will come out looking real.


here are some more shots as it progresses…


Very nice idea. although you might want to sharpen up the details a bit, they’re a bit monomatic right now. You know the moment in time clarity thingo, actually that’s fairly accurate and does happen in the real world.

Hey im back! i’ve been foregoing a social life in order to contribute two entries into this contest :slight_smile: but i think it’s worth it.

in this update the truck has had some textures and remodeling done to it, so it is actually recognizable as a truck now :slight_smile:
mary jane has had slight work done, but more clothing, eyelashes and final touches are coming with her. this piece will feature a little bit of post production for a bloom effect, some motion blur, and slight color modification.

enjoy! comments and crits always welcome.


Creepy, when you know what’s about to happen. I wonder if anyone would guess that, though, if you didn’t tell them.

that’s the problem right there, i have to really try to nail the sense of motion down with some motion blur, and i think a necklace on her neck to show the car is moving forward, but blur to show the bus is moving at a perpendicular angle.

here is an almost complete version, which just needs slight finishing touches in post pro.


here is the official entry to the BWC contest this year for Last Dance With Mary Jane. :slight_smile:


Wow, great work. The traffic light outside the window is a nice touch, as is the necklace. Looks great to me.

thanks dude! you rock!

this is really nice. i love the painterly impressionist style and colors. really beautiful composition. the shapes and modeling feels bold/confident. nice work.

thank you very much! i love to get positive feedback, it makes my day every time!

…Beautifully done…seriously intense…