BWC Entry

I’m going to call this piece Wreckage. I’m still drawing the concept so be patient. Let me paint a picture for you on what the concept will be. Okay the scene takes place in 2015. A couple of countries band together for world domination. I call this group the Corrupt Powers. Then we have the American side along with China and another country. I like to call this group the United Forces. Anyway the United Forces are getting there butts handed to them because of this new weapon the Corrupt Powers have made called a Sky Lancer. The is a big debate on how the United Forces will win this war and the come to the conclusion of recreating dinosaurs. (This is just a summary of this story so please don’t say it’s crap.) The dinos go wild and the United Forces are in deep crap. So now the United Forces must battle dinosaurs and the Corrupt Powers. The dinos attack the Corrupt Powers too so I guess that’s good. Anyway the scene will be a squad on the United Forces with this dinosaur I call a T-Wrecks in the background reeking havoc on everything in site will the squad is walking off.


Here’s an update of the concept!:smiley:


Sounds like Turok meets Mass Effect and they get together to go and look up CoD or CoH maybe:eyebrowlift2:

All the best with the entry…Cheers

Yeah lol. Thanks for the comment dude. Here is another update.


what exactly is a sky lancer? I love the story by the way. “Hmmm, the story’s kinda bland, the whole world domination thing has been done before. What can make it more interesting? I know! Dinosaurs! That’ll #@*&! everyone up!”

Sounds great :slight_smile:

Thanks dude. Here is my road I’m going to use in my entry.


I finally got one of the buildings done.


Can someone give me some input. I want to make this as good as possible. Does the building look good?

only crit is the texture at the top of it looks streched

The building looks okay, but the road needs work.

Keep it up

What would you suggest for the roads?

I really like this building.:yes:


Nice building! Anyway, I think the road texture could be a lot more detailed, take a look at this one I made as an example. of course it wouldn’t be broken like this.


Wow! Can you tell me how you did that!:eek:

Can’t wait to see that gun in 3D,

You should have the T-REX bite off a piece of a building, That’ll be cool.

Are you talking about the SAW Machine Gun. That is a 3D model already.:yes:

your road bump looks extremely low res, you need to use either very high res images (or lots of them) or procedural textures like clouds… and turn off MIMMAPS on the image panel… either that, or do a proper render of the road, as theres video card like mimmap looking texture blurring leading away from the camera

the buildings looking good, but you might need an elevator building or tech room on top, high rise buildings almost always have a few shed like rooms on top… the windows on the bricked building look either very deeply recessed into the face or very small… windows usually only have 5-10 cm offset to the outside edge of a wall.

Another building. I know I stole your idea padfoot, but it was a great idea so I used it. I hope I didn’t upset you.


Heres how I did the road, you might need to edit the textures to your liking.

I got the diffuse map from - here.
The normal map is attached.
Make a spec map from the diffuse. For a quick and dirty technique, just open it in an editor, then set the contrast to about 100 and the brightness to 30(I think, experiment)
Chose the detail map from - here. To use the detail map, just set the blend mode to overlay, and adjust the settings to your liking.

I think thats it.


Okay here is my latest road. Excalabur (sorry if I spelled your name wrong.) I hope you like this.