[BWC]Father's tear

In 12th May, a big earthquake happened next to my hometown, Wenchuan, Sichuan province, China.

That shocked me a lot~~and lucky for me is that my family is all right``but many families are not as lucky as me````

So I plan to work with a picture, the idea come from a news in the Internet. A father cried on the destroyed house holding his daughter’s hand```

It’s far from finished, I only have time to work at night, any comments will be welcomed for me to improve my work~~


This is looking very, very good. However, I would have him holding her hand with both of his. I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops. Good luck!


To Bigglesworth:
thx for your comments but I think this is far away from good`:(`````I was think about some details```maybe the face or more houses``

another house in the background might help, as is it doesn’t really get the idea of an earthquake across right now, at least not without the title and description.
I know it’s daylight, but more dramatic lighting might help this out too, as is it feels a little flat.
The dof blurr could use a little tweaking, the amount of area out of focus in the foreground is getting onto the hand.

look way better then anything I could do! :slight_smile:

change the background and the lights, tweak a little bit on the face and add some details~
how do your guys think now?:o


looking good =)

add a toy and tweak a little bit``I want to do sth impressible so I change the background and the environment to black and white color, only keep the character’s color```

I think a little close to what I think now````


Wow very good… really feels ‘in the moment…’ Devoid of anything going on around him, all he feels is the grief overwhelming him at point in time as he clutches the one he loved

The first picture shows his grief much better, with the face angle and the emphasis on the tear, unlike the other two.

the shirt is so clean…
i only see this… the image is very good