BWC- Hello Alien

Note that that’s probably not going to be the real title.

Anyway, some girl gets transported years into the future (found a sleeper ship? Freak accident?). Humans have essentially died out (or maybe she’s just very very lost), and she gets found/rescued by a humanoid alien species. They’re both looking out a window at a planet, and various cargo ships (surrounded by escort fighters. the cargo ships are probably under the control of the ship we’re on). The fighters would be differently designed, but they might have a common thread.

The window would have faint reflections of the people, i don’t want their backs, i want the reflection of their fronts.

I was just wondering if i could use a couple of rigs (mancandy? was that one? you know, the blender features page, hitting the water). As well as the blender girl (maybe one of the earlier ones i think). Is this within the rules? Would it hamper my chances of coming in the top three? I think that i should use blender for almost everthing, including some awesome looking nebula’s and stuff. I do have a rough sketch (did it in 5 min or so, using paint win 7) and a WIP. Unfortunately, they’re on the other computer, so yeah…

I have pictures now.

Here is the concept image.

Here is a WIP. The stars are a pre-rendered blender stars, captured using F3, then set as a texture.

Got a new picture! the planet thingo has to have the vertices aligned abit to make it look like a storm. Or i could use particles i guess? It’s just vertices with halo on it. The carrier ship is a work in progress, I roughly modeled a new space ship (Almost production quality, part from textures and stuff). I also turned AAO on. I have a reflective plane, and a battle droid (sorry, i can’t remember who from. Dont worry, i don’t plan on using it) reflected. Also started some work on the frame around the window. I’m tossing up between modeling the window, and making it in gimp later. I’ll probably model it, i’m not that good at gimp. AAO helped a lot, didn’t it?

290 views and not one reply? What am i doing wrong?

this is coming along great, dont you think you should use the real stars instead of the image?

Yeah, probably, but i was thinking that if i used an image, i could pre-render a good background with all nebulae and stuff, and then just render it in like that. It’ll cut down rendering times heaps I reckon.