BWC: Interrogation room

well I started modeling this a week ago after coming up with the idea in the shower. Anyways it’s supposed to be a Interrogation room and maybe I will through someone in it if I have enough time, this is my first project so I will be happy to just finish it. any c&c is greatly appreciated.

fine start.
I seems a little unclear where the clear white light in the middle of the picture
comes from. Also, i think theres usually only two chairs in interrogation rooms
(i wouldn’t know :stuck_out_tongue: )
otherwise good job

Thanks for your opinion, the light is coming from 3 area lights on the ceiling. heres a update. Please give me more c&c.


Good improvements!

A couple of crits though:

  1. the mirror frame looks a little weird.
    I would make it a little smaller

  2. I think the table should be more “boxy”.
    (it seems a little rounded at the moment)

Otherwise quite good.
I think it would do alot to the scene if you but some characters in it.
I would also change the camera angle. If you put the camera down low,
looking up, i will have a more dramatic effect.

Doesn’t look like a fun room to be in :no:

How about a camera high up in the corner of the room, like we’re watching the scene on a surveillance camera?

Yeah, do that.
(why didn’t i think of that :ba:)

Thank you for your opinions I will certainly consider them all. I will definitely need to put some characters in it to get the image I want. I have made some updates but nothing important enough to post. I will further edit it and show the results at a later time.

I liked the mirror how it was before