BWC-last few moments

hey, thought i should give it a try(bwc)
the scene represnts the last few moments before a nuclear attack on an every day city
the newspaper on the floor with the headline “Nuclear missile expected to reach land on 25th”
a clock with date and month showing that its 25th of aprill and a mirror in front of a wall facing a window ,through which u see the neclear explosin outside, more or less , how a room would look just before a nuclear strike

here’s a quick render just si u can get an idea, still have to work on a lot of stuff:spin:
btw, does it matter what country i’m from?


Awesome idea! This could go really well if you could pull this off! Can’t wait to see how you are going to do it!

i badly need to learn uv mapping:(

added the clock from the sketch, impressions, critique?


It looks fine! It would be even more awesome if you could put the date at the deadline of the BWC contest! Little details like that might help a bit. Can’t wait for another update!!

I personally think that the effect will sell even more if it shows the missile about to touch down instead of the blast itself, but that’s just my opinion.

hmm, good ideas mates:)
-changing date to 1 september
-changing blast to missile

That I think that would look sweet! Good luck!

ok, made the modifications, + been messing around with the uv mapping and got quite a nice look, this render is before i mapped the drawer(now it looks a lot better, just like wood would look)
added door, remade the hendle, u’ll see in the next render, and will soon start work on the mirror
anywho, this isn’t a good render, just so u guys know, the next one will look much better


other render i was talkin about


hello rabbit_slayer! seems like there’s something wrong about the proportions… but perhaps i’m wrong!
check the correct dimensions of the Door, the paper, etc. and used real reference model to do that, it’s more easy. Remember that 1 meter in the real life is equal to 1 blender unit.
Regards and awaiting for updates!

—please delete—

1 meter in BU is still undetermined
it can be 1BU 1m
2BU 1m
piBU 1m
1BU 1km

Well,you have a nice concept,it would be funny in 25th April,because is freeday in Portugal


About your work,you can show in the background a big city (i don’t mean with big buildings,it can be hilly and with averagly small buildings and less than a duzen of big buildings[just like lisbon]) and as IronShield said,add a missle quite touching down,but bigger the better ! (like 100m long !) with lots of vector blur.

Hope of a good work

well, been messing around with some renders
also started work on the missile, and added the mirror to reflect the missile touching down
plz excuse the blured vision, dunno what happend in the render settings
more or less, the room is kinda finished (probably will add more details along the way, should i get any):stuck_out_tongue:


I think you can add a little more stuff to make it look more natural. Maybe add a doorstoper and some pictures just to make it look better. Maybe a rug too! Good luck!

Personally I don’t find the nuclear missile landing date written on a newspaper very realistic. Missiles don’t take a few days to reach their targets, and if it was found the U.N. would quickly let all hell break loose on the country that shot the nuke. Also, why would the government ever write down on a newspaper that a nuke is coming, the government would be spending all their time trying to cover up that they knew anything about it.
How about you instead show the Doomsday Clock, at 1 second to midnight. If you don’t know what that is, then look up “Doomsday Clock” on Google, a wikipedia link should be the first choice. I would post a link, but my message would be deleted… ya know, the dumb link filter.

Try AAO. Good job.

to sebo:
ahem, dude, it’s called world war 3:p
just imagine this isn’t really unconscious states of america(no offense to americans), it’s a remote city somewhere in a non-Eu/NATO country, soooo, not going to change one pixel:)

here’s a 3 hour cooked render(indigo)
oppinions, critique?


That looks good. I think you should let it bake longer for a better result. And maybe add some pictures on the wall or some scratches places to make it look worn. But it is coming along nicely, good job so far!