[BWC] Meet me by the docks

think it’s “finished”, though c+c certainly appreciated. Still trying to figure out how to get the girl to pop out a little more…

Click for 1600x1200

larger render of the girl

I found a great way of doing hair here. It’s for zbrush, but blender’s sculpt tools work just as well.


revision 1: more light

revision 3: minor changes, got rid of ugly banding


beautiful, congratulations, but, please, mooooore light!

yes great image, it is a little too dark.
why not add an old street light/lamp next to the bench chair.
this could illuminate some more of the girl & monster.

Up the exposure by about 40%

blink a few times, then full-screen the image. Too much to ask? :stuck_out_tongue: I kinda thought the darkness added to the mood actually.

I thought about adding a lamp or something, but at this point it felt almost like a writer’s contrivance, if you know what I’m talking about… anyways I guess I’ll try it and see how it looks.

Looks very nice but I’m having same problems than others, the image needs some gamma and/or exposure adjustment. How’s your monitor’s gamma settings?

i can blink all day but the truth is: your image is too dark.
I know the feelin and the mood and what you want but if I can’t see the image I can’t feel the mood

It looks awesome!

But how about giving the character a small lantern or something, just to create a warm isolated light, which wouldn’t really effect the overall scene, but would help highlight the character much better, and draw the viewers eyes towards her.

You could even give her a blueish light, to keep the whole cold and wet feel of the picture.

It looks like theres a lantern in the boat already, so u wouldn’t have to do much.

Yep, full screen this looks good, but its the damn white BA background that is making it look darker.

Yes, more light. And no, it won’t be a writer’s contrivance. We the viewers need to see the scene. I agree, add a street lamp near the bench to illuminate the underside of the alien and make the girl stand out. Otherwise, very good. Submit it to the blender site’s gallery. They like things that show off blender’s capabilities.

Also - It just struck me that the girl has a sort of disconnect from the alien. It’s as if she doesn’t see it. I’d be staring at that thing if I were there.

On my home monitor, the lighting is ok. But, here many say that the image is too dark too. Now, which one is correct, the darker at work or the brighter at home…?? I think I need to find a calibrator.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to share a few quotes from Jeremy Birn, the Lighting Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios, and author of the most excellent book on digital lighting I’ve ever read.

The key to lighting night scenes is not to underexpose the entire scene, but to use a lot of contrast. The scene may be dominated by shadows, but the darkness should be broken up by bright highlights and selectively applied rims and glints of light.

In general, you should try to take advantage of the full range of tones available to you, so that a histogram from most of your renders shows columns in each zone. Students learning to light scenes often produce underexposed images in an effort to hide flaws in their scenes and make the lighting look more “subtle.” Even if you are trying to depict a night scene or a dark closet, be selective with your lighting. To convey darkness, use high contrast and dark shadows rather than simply underexposing the whole scene.

Good luck with the contest, and take care!

Hahaha, that girls gunna eat the monster! Nice pic. When its big, I see it nicely. I’d leave the lighting honestly :smiley:

Hey jack000! Super render! really One of the best I’ve seen for the BWC for now.

I don’t want to say it again, but you can have quite light scenes while it is dark. See this image of monster inc. for example. http://www.cgalias.com/hkaug/events/8th/images/monsterInc.jpg
You have already those spotlights, so you know how to do it.

I like the idea, good monster, nice textures.
Good luck with the competition!

thanks guys

now she’s holding a lantern (why didn’t I think of that…), and there’s a bit more light in the scene

oh, and the monster is supposed to be sneaking up on her… so it’s like the moment when she turns around and discovers it and goes aaaaaaaahhhh.


Hey, that’s great! The added light works well. There was so much detail that was hidden by the darkness!

Better. excellent image. I didn’t get the sneaking thing - I thought the “meet at the docks” title meant that she was meeting the monster. I get it now. Not sure what the title means. Who is meeting?

Anywho, this is a great image and interesting story. You care about the character, and get drawn into the story.

who is she meeting? why are there two lanterns? : ]

that gives me an idea, maybe I should remove the body and just “imply” it with the lantern.

nah, people would be confused…

good stuff! cant wait to see the final.

Hey you got a pic of me on that date I went on last night.
Long story short, it didn’t work out, that girl was pretty shallow, she cared more about looks than personality.

Great work,